Improving hair shader dithered alpha display quality?


I’m wondering if it’s possible to raise the quality of dithered alpha as used in the hair shader (not sure this type of alpha can be found anywhere else in UE).

Those of you who are familiar with the hair shader might know what I’m talking about: you feed it a crystal clear alpha mask and it all turns into a somewhat muddy affair that looks a lot lower resolution that the source material and clumps together into pixelated lumps from a distance.

Here’s an example asset: top image is from Blender Eevee and below image snippets are ‘high resolution screenshots’ from - well … you can guess. :wink:
4K texture resolution in both scenarios. Eyebrows are mostly gone.

There’s a section in the hair shader network that is called ‘Animated Dither’ mentioning 5 translucency steps. Is that by any chance responsible for my woes? I’ve tried setting different values but can’t spot any visual differences so far. I officially don’t know what I’m doing in there though.

I’d be happy with a quality upgrade even if not really suitable for ingame use.


Edit: the imported textures do look fine in the texture viewer, also different mip map settings do not affect the result in the viewport so it must be something else.