Improvements for foliage mode

Hi Guys, :slight_smile:

Since the integration of the Foliage Mode Tool in UDK i found it lacking that there was no folder structure or profiles in Foliage Mode. I illustrated my thoughts and ideas in a picture.



+1 for this.

Especially such folders would be cool :slight_smile:

Please Epic this would be such an improvement!
I’ve dreamed about something like this ever since i started working on this project back in UDK.
The default layout works if you only have a few assets but a lot of us have a lot more (right now I have over 60 different items in the foliage mode and it’s a nightmare, scrolling through it trying to find the right ones!).
Also having to scroll up all the way through those 60 assets to be able to edit the mode settings is very inconvenient.
Especially now that Epic is focusing more on improving ways of making large worlds, something like this will be needed by a lot more people.

Also I would like to have some kind of presets that I can save for various types of areas.
Choose which meshes to paint with what settings then be able to click “Save preset” and then have a list of presets you have saved with a name you choose.
Then to be able to choose a preset and edit it’s settings and click “save” to overwrite the old ones.
This would be invaluable for me, I’m building a huge island with tons of different nature types, trying to remember exactly what kind of density of grass I use in a dryer area compared to a more lush area is wasting a lot of time that could be prevented with some kind of presets.
Also to be able to have shortcuts for selecting presets. It would be nice to be able to paint more fluidly, like in Photoshop or Zbrush where you don’t have to use the interface much if you know the hotkeys.

Having something like that would make it so much easier, right now I’m stuck only painting one type of area at a time since it’s too much work to change the settings and then trying to remember what I had before so I can go back.
With that I could have “Thick temperate deciduous forest” then a normal one and one with much less trees which would have more grass and other smaller foliage because of access to more light, then be able to switch quickly by hitting hotkeys would be so useful and speed up painting monumentally.

Indeed, this would be an awesome improvement!
Thanks Ulrich.Thümmler for this thread! :slight_smile:

I agree this would be great.

I want this. Pretty please :smiley:

Profiles or presets (like found in the FarCry 2 editor) would be such a huge improvement over what we have now, for foliage-heavy scenes. It’s such a chore having to find your old combination when repainting.

I suggested this a few months ago but it wasn’t met with any interest. I guess I wasn’t very detailed either. :slight_smile:

So, bump!

It’d be great to have extended Static Mesh rendering options inside the Foliage brush settings. More specifically:

  • Adding Forced LOD settings to the Foliage brush: This enables developers to be able to paint, say, background trees at a lower LOD. (Or even paint a billboard strip leveraging this setting).

  • Adding ‘Render Custom Depth’ as an option for Foliage brush: This allows us using post-process effects (like edge shader) to be able to turn Edge highlights off of sprites when painting with them in Foliage brush.

  • For Speedtree, being able to tweak LOD/screenspace distances per-instance/per-foliage layer: this allows us to be more aggressive with trees we’re painting near background/mid-ground elements while still taking advantage of Foliage’s clustering bad assery.

  • The option to use either Screen-space OR distance-based LOD distancing. I find screenspace LOD settings to be really hard to fine-tune compared to unit distance.

Just bumping this to see if we can get a word from Epic? Would be nice to hear if any improvements to the foliage mode interface are in the works.

+1 here too.

Thanks alot for doing this Ulrich! Epic please take this in consideration :))

for me one of the most required changes. Its so hard, to use the folige tool at the moment, when you have many objects.

Hi everyone,

This is something that is already under consideration by the development staff. Unfortunately I do not have a timeframe readily available when this will be incorporated into the engine, but know that we are looking at it!

This is a awesome news! :cool:

Epic news :smiley:

Wish Epic could focus a lot more on vegetation, than on mobile …

Preset combinations are critical, rather than having to load a series of elements all over again to paint a different set of objects. Im surprised this was overlooked.


Glad to hear that! Nice to see that Epic focus at least a bit on Foliage. It have always been handled pretty poorly. Just hope a better lighting model for foliage will eventually be available as well.

Yes, Yes, Yes ! Lots of people are waiting for that :slight_smile:

May I allow myself to bump this wonderful thread of high value again? :slight_smile:

Any updates on this so far?