Improve DFGI quality at the expense of performance?


I am playing with dynamic GI in Unreal Engine 4.8.3 and I’ve actually got some good looking results when comparing light transport with offline renderer references. My issue is that currently Occlusion max distance parameter in skylight seems to be tradeoff between accuracy of the GI solution and artifacts (leaks in corners, jagged outlines).

I would like to ask if there are any options for DFGI, even hidden ones, which I could use to sacrifice performance for increased accuracy. I found some clues around the internet about some setting that changes quality of generated distance fields, but even after over an hour of searching, I could not find it in my current 4.8.3 version.

I also heard that DFAO and DFGI currently uses very small amount of connes to compute occlusion and light transport. Maybe amount of these cones could be raised somehow, at the expense of performance?

In a nutshell, I am willing to sacrifice most of the framerate to bring DFGI close to the quality of offline renderer, even if just a little bit.

Thanks in advance.

I think Epic has stopped the development of DFGI for now. I would not rely on it too much if I was you. :frowning:

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