Impostors broken

Glad to hear it’s working.

When I was looking at this stuff it did seem like the different transform styles had some spotty implementations - for example SpeedTree-related code would do something a little different from other code, and certain combinations of transform styles and setups didn’t seem well-supported. In fact I think I changed a little code here and there but I can’t remember how exactly - I either copied a couple lines out of speed tree implementation or pasted a few lines into it from other places that were better behaved.

In particular, my memory is fading, but in unreal code there were a couple different defines that did similar things around instancing. Like #INSTANCED and #PARTICLE_INSTANCED (that’s not what it was, but it was something like that), and some code paths only handled one or the other.

I update plugin to UE 5.4, fix some bugs. Mb it’s will be useful for somebody.