Impostor Baker - Scaling and instanced foliage issues

This is my first time working with impostors and I have a pretty good result, although the shader complexity is a bit high from the baker (could probably go with a slimmed down version if anyone could help with that too) but the real issue I’m having is when I use different scaling with instanced foliage, the impostor does not scale with the foliage. Also setting Random Yaw on completely skews the impostor. If anyone could guide me in the right direction I’d appreciate it, thanks.


Hello GameStateStudio, I to am having same problem, on this thread, 4.22 Mesh drawing pipline breaks imposter materials - Unreal Engine Forums I pm’d CupMcCakers to see if his fix would work, waiting for a reply… I hope there is a fix !.

Hey, ha I also messaged them too

some solution?