Impossible issues with Reuben Ward and Patreon

Just looking for some advice really. I saw Reuban Ward had a Patreon setup and noticed there was a first person C++ tutorial that I was interested in.

I pledged to gain access to this; however had issues accessing it via Mega. I have messaged over the course of the month trying to simply get access to the content as part of the pledge system. Reuban has been completely unresponsive and worse I have been charged for a second month whilst waiting for some kind of reply. I reached out to Patreon who were no use at all. Any ideas on a good way to move this forward? Does anyone have a more direct method of contact with Reuban? At this point now, I think I simply want a refund and will support someone else who is a little more communicative with their supporters

This isnt cpp related. If using ue4 some things will be blueprint related. This isnt an advert, but simply pointing in a direction.
Have you heard of allar? He created the generic shooter. Has a website, and streams.
Made tons of stuff for community, and constantly helps people.
if i was making a shooter. It would be made with his work. Hes constantly adding on, and supporting it.
I’m sure it will compile, build, and function just fine.

Hi There!

I’m a full time bachelors degree student, and work two jobs, one of them full time. I don’t check my patreon messages regularly.

My contact email is as stated on my youtube channel.

Give me an email and i’d be happy to work things out.

Email sent requesting refund on the two months. Will update here when received.

Reuben has refunded my pledge payments.