Impossible alignment with repeated wall patterns?

Yeah I have no idea how I can fix this problem… I cant align the cameras at all no matter how many control points…

There are patterns on the wall that repeat like this… any ideas here?

Did you take a picture from further back to view the whole wall at once.

This is in a tight bathroom and the patterns are the same on 3 of the 4 walls in a square box… I cant get them all in the same picture haha

It’s hard to say from just the 2 screen shots, but the best generic advice I could give on a hard subject like that would be take more pictures (for a small bathroom 200-400) combine multiple techniques. I would start in one corner and shoot diagonal 

then shoot the room in a parallel straight on almost grid pattern

And then finally what I would call the pano where you stand in one spot at a time and take pictures overlapping about a third from the last at every angle you deem necessary. Up, down, and side to side. I found a good example on the internet

Not all the photos will stitch, but enough will. Multiple passes at varying heights will also help, as photos all at the same height won’t provide much on the height of subjects in the photos. 

Here is a couple of rooms I just shot the other day. 

as you can see, I will use maybe one pano in the middle of a squarish room where on longer rooms I might shoot 2 or 3. 

Well, I did three separate heights in the room in a grid pattern. Normally this would never be a problem but the wall has a repeating pattern so the software is getting very confused. I had taken 220 photos and I dont think I can solve this  with patterns similar on three separate walls…

The only other thing I could think of is a higher megapixel camera that could resolve the imperfections in the pattern like dust and scratches, and using a tripod so that motion blur doesn’t destroy those fine details. A wide angle lens might also fix this problem, as it can capture unique features in one shot…ie bathtub window and toilet. 

With enough trial and error I think a smart phone could do it but not worth the time. 2 weeks on a bathroom not fun, but 2 weeks on a bird bath, a garden gnome, wooden chair, a person sleeping ( so the don’t move ) and a cool bug is a lot more fun

Well, I used a tripod and a fairly good DSLR. The problem is the software and not how I took the pictures.

I don’t think you understand, there is no camera that provides a 270 degree angle shot for 6 feet away.

I’m hoping one of the devs can chime in, there are no imperfections in the pattern. The problem is that there the same patterns on three separate walls. And RC gets a little crazy trying to find a solution for the alignment.

And what about putting some markers in the space to help RC a bit ? (there is now automatic markers in the last version !)

You will have some editing after, or you could also shoot with and without markers and exclude the images with markers from texturing.

What is your lens focal length ? For this kind of space I would recommend a 16mm eq on a full frame.

More overlap will definitely help ! Take 1000 pictures if you need, and as Steven said, mix techniques. I would add the “random shooting” : just shoot handheld (yes, you will need to go a bit high ISO) at random positions and orientations all over the space (don’t forget to change the height as well, close to the floor, close to the ceiling), and eventually RC will find the connections. It always does when you have enough pictures !


The smallest plainest bathroom I could find. With enough information captured ( either a high megapixel camera, or more photos ) even the most difficult subjects can be done. Look at the hose from the faucet. The dirt on it provided the features needed. It even got the plain solid white glossy toilet seat to my surprise. I did’t bother with trying to get the whole room and shot as quick as possible.


Source Pics

Well our cottage is 2000 mi away from me right now :slight_smile: so I cant add markers to scene. Honestly i feel  like I should just blur our the wallfor now with photoshop for the alignment and just use the real set after

Try several alignment settings (sensitivity, overlap, max features…).

You can also try to add control points (tie points), this should be easy on this pattern.

And by the way, I can’t find your alignement result, can you post some informations and screenshots ? how many components do you have ?

And one thing you learn with photogrammetry is that in most cases you can’t blame the software - but there is always room to improve your photographing skills and quality !

My 50 cents:

Other than changing the repeating pattern into a non-repeating (scratches, markers, newspaper pages or as suggested a wider angle), there is not much hope to solve this since it is unsolvable. If too much of one image has the repetitive pattern, RC will confuse them no matter what.

Agreed Gotz,

I cant get a wide enough angle (As its impossible), so using markers or news papers at the time would be the only options for this type of reconstruction.

Next step is to wait for a RC employee! and maybe blur the walls in photoshop somehow.

The blurring might work, or why not mask it right away?

A DEV won’t be able to tell you more since this limitation is inherent to photogrammetry: repetitive patterns is a big no-no.

Sorry I may be missing something but did you try to align your pictures ? Because I can’t find anything related to your try in your post ??? 

Really repetitive patterns are a no-go, but they rarely actually happen, because of dust, scratches, printing differences, lighting differences…

I’ve been trying to align my pictures with zero, 1 - 10+ control points. All with no luck because of the repeating wall pattern which is confusing RC. First i thought I didnt have enough pictures but that wasnt the case, its the repeating patterns in the wall as in the picture. They are all over the place in the bath room haha =/

Ok, but what do you mean by “no luck” ? do you have results ? components ? how many ? how many cameras each ? we can help you but you need to share more of your results… “no luck” is just no precise at all as a result !

the first step would be to put your pictures in RC, run a draft align and post a screenshot of what you get…