Importing VRay Scene from C4D .. No materials

Hey everyone,

i tryed to import a Vray Scene from Cinema 4D to Unreal with the .vrscene Format. Geometries are all fine but all materials are not working … Wrong properties and no images.Maybe UE4 cannot handle the Vray Advanced material from C4D ? I’m using C4DR20 and UE4.22.3 both with VRay. Any ideas what can i do without creating the material in UE4 again ?


It might be the case that the UE4 Vray plugin doesn’t use vray materials and instead just renders the UE4 materials.

Ok… Thanks for your answer! do you think there is a solution to render these materials from c4d correctly in ue4 ?.. I only need the materials in my camera animation :slight_smile: