Importing textures from Tiff

Is there any likelihood that UE4 will support importing textures from TIF at some point? It’s a pretty standard format in my world, and would be great to have it supported.


Thanks for the quick response, Tim! Glad to know it’s on the list.
I’ve been looking through the source trying to figure out where the texture importing happens, as I was considering maybe doing it myself. I’ve found where it would be done (Engine/Source/Editor/UnrealEd/Private/Factories/EditorFactories.cpp), so is there a protocol for discussing proposed work that might have a PR submitted before starting? I don’t want to dive into anything the wrong way!

Hi HughMacd,

At the moment there is a feature request in for this image format with UE-13119, and it’s marked as “To Do”. This is likely to be added at some point in the future, unfortunately there just isn’t a dedicated timeframe for when this would actually happen due to other priorities right now.

Thank you!