Importing Textures but the color has been removed.

Hi all

Pretty new to unreal but wanted to ask a quick question.

Whenever I import a texture its like the color has been removed. I can get some of it back by turning off sRGB in the texture file within unreal engine but I did not see any mention of doing this in any of the tutorial videos I have watched.

Watching the videos the color seems to stay when they bring the textures in.

I am currently using png format to save the files but of course I can something else if that is the issue.

Maybe you can post some screenshots or even the png file.

Ok will do once I get back home :slight_smile:

Ok please see two captures of the image from within Unreal.

With sRGB on

With sRGB off

These are from the preview image of the texture when you double click on it within Unreal.