Importing Skeletal Mesh has Wrong Bone Scale

So I have a tent I want to have cloth simulation which requires me to import the mesh as a skeletal mesh. Now the cloth sim works fine and looks how I want it to, so I moved onto collision.

This is where things get a bit weird, when I try to use collision of my static mesh it’s much much larger than the asset. Turns out, the bone is set to a scale of 2.54 and it will not let me change this. I have reset the xform in 3ds max and that has not worked. I also tried going into the skeleton in UE4 and manually change it and it will not allow me. I’m sure this is the reason why the collision is not working but I have no idea how to resolve it or why it is happening.

I have attached a screenshot of the asset with a preview asset of itself, to display the scale issues I am experiencing.