Importing .psd files?

I wonder if there’s any disadvantage of using .psd files directly for texture import, I mean they’ll be converted to uassets anyway. So why would I save the texture first as a .tga for example and then import rather than the first method?

I know Ive had issues importing greyscale PSD’s but its possible its not limited to them. Its not that hard to flick it back and forwards to import but it does mean I need to open photoshop.

It should work. Please let us know if you bump into any issues.

I tried to import an alembic texture and the values were wrong, I ticked off the sRGB check box and the values are now correct (correctly shown in the texture editor and content browser), but when I import the texture into the material editor, the values are wrong again (only in the material editor texture sample node and on the model).

We’ll look into this here. Adding the texture to a material should not change any values of the texture. Does this happen for you with any other texture format?

Yes, also other formats. Switching off sRGB in the texture editor, causes wrong values in the texture sample node.