Importing OBJ without materials?

Just a quick one, I’m trying to import OBJ model into my unreal engine 4 project from 3ds Max without materials.
When I export it from 3ds Max I un-tick the Export Materials box & Create Mat-Library and then import it into Unreal Engine 4.
I notice the boxes in materials area is greyed out with a tick in it and can’t be un-ticked? Both Import Materials & Import Textures are ticked and I can’t un-tick them?
You see I have lots of little items in my model and I don’t want the textures to come with them. It takes an awfully long time for unreal engine to import them and then the shader to compile them.
Any ideas what I’m doing wrong or if this is the way it is?


I agree, .fbx ftw!

Well I do prefer FBX but it’s just not working for the amount of objects I need to import, it’s crashing the engine even after splitting the models down into smaller files.
I was trying OBJ as a test to see if it was any quicker but I can’t even get around the first import :frowning:

I havent tested to see this problem you are having yet, but why are you using OBJ if you are using 3ds Max? FBX would be much better.

Batch export/import – JosBalcaen < try that plugin, been using that for many years (since ut2k3) and many companies using unreal engine use it.

Makes exporting hundreds of meshes a breeze, and never had any trouble importing into unreal engine, even if there where hundreds of objects.

Thanks man will give it a shot :slight_smile: