Importing nCloth from Maya

All that I’m trying to do is import a Maya nCloth object to simulate a car crash.
The video I used: Maya tutorial : How to simulate a Car Crash - YouTube
I followed all this video had to say and I export the Maya project as FBX. When I import the FBX into Unreal Engine the nCloth is not simulated. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be great!

Hey, man. So, you would like to export the car already crashed, or crash it inside unreal ?

Sorry for the late reply, I would like to crash it inside of Unreal. Thanks!

As Fair as I know nCloth is not supported in UE4. In your case you would need to set up a morph target with the deformed car (or multiple ones for overlaying to get different results) and then blend it in if you need it. Would probably be the fastest setup for this.