Importing meshes from maya.

So im using maya to make basic building blocks for my level, walls, cover objects, pillars. Nothing too complex.

My problem is, i THINK im mapping my UVs correctly, although im not 100% sure. Here is an object i import vs one of the architecture objects already in the engine. ( Just an example i threw together for this post, not an actual mesh im using lol )

The tiling of the material/texture on the object already in the engine appears smooth, its tiled at a good resolution the floor boars are small and theres a lot of them. But on my object, no matter what size i make it, the floor boards seem to be gigantic like they are in the picture. What am i doing wrong? Is there some kind of step im missing within maya? I want the materials on my created objects to work like they do on the architecture objects already in the game. Is this even possible?

Hey Leetums,

Could you provide an example asset for me to test? I will be happy to further investigate with something to reproduce the issue with. If you can not provide a test, could you show a screenshot of the UV map? There are a few reasons this may be occurring. It may just be change to UV tiling in the material that needs to be done. Please let me know any additional information.


Its just about anything i make, even a simple wall thats just a rectangle. I dont know if im doing this completely wrong when UV mapping. Or when experting the fbx file from maya maybe?

All im doing is opening maya

  • creating a shape

  • create uvs menu then click on automatic mapping

  • clicking on create uvs menu again and creating an empty uv set that automatically shows up as a lightmap

  • clicking on create uvs menu again and copying the current uvs to the lightmap set

  • and then opening the uv texture editor and making sure that none of the pieces are overlapping

  • then i go to file and export the fbx and import it into unreal.

Here is the fbx file for what its worth of a bigger object, i warn you, when i export that from maya into unreal and import it back into a maya scene the uv maps seems to be different.

Im putting these assets into the default blueprint first person project.

link text


Thank you for the additional information. I imported the asset and can see that the pre-made materials we provide are rather large in scale. If you open the material editor from the M_Wood_Floor (I am guessing which material you are using) you can see a node named “TexCoord”, select that then set both UTiling and VTiling to 2. Let me know if that has helped.


That did help! Phew, i thought i wasnt mapping my UV’s correctly. Thank you! Now i can model my own building blocks instead of bsp brushes. Helps me get the scale correct. Thank you again , youre the man, and sorry for the late reply