Importing meshes from blender

I’ve been having problems importing some meshes to blender. The models import just fine (mostly), but some don’t seem to show the textures when i apply a material to it. They just show the base color without any textures or normal maps affecting them. But some work just fine. Also i’m exporting them to fbx using always the same options: pick face or normals only for smoothing and tick tangent space on.
Also some of them get inverted faces in some parts of the model. I’ve tried picking double geometry but doesn’t seem to do anything. Am i missing something? Is there something i need to do first in blender to make this work properly?

Blender cant use the roughness and metal Chanel. Its PBR. You need a specular map.
To use the normal map, try your normal settings in Blender. Otherwise your normal map is just a Colormap.
To use Textures in Stack, use multiply on every Texture.
Adjust your Normals with:
edit mode-- A-- strg-N. If all normals in wrong direction, use --flip Normals.
Is there a correct UV?

In blender just export your textures separately - then import everything - create the material - assign the textures to the material - assign the material to the mesh :slight_smile:

Gings hier nicht um Import nach Blender?

Oops, misread the question (the title is a little bit misleading) :o
Then he has to add a material to the mesh (the right uv) - he has to add the textures in the blender material editor

Alright if you have several different UV maps or objects in one Import make sure you rename them all to something different or otherwise they will all merge creating one ugly material :slight_smile:

Just to be clear i’m just trying to import the mesh, not the textures. I want to make the textures afterwards in unreal engine but when i apply them they just show the base color

well its kind of difficult to guess without seeing pics but it seems like you have 2 problems so I’ll take a shot at them individually.

first for your texture problems:
have you unwrapped and checked your UV’s in blender?
have you assigned the material slots in blender?

for the disappearing faces:
have you tried recalculating the normals before exporting?

those are just guesses at possible causes but I hope it helps:)

i’ve had this problem with a few of mine as well, what i found works for me is go into edit mode on each of your meshes(if you have multiple) hit space, type in “add uv map” then go to the tabs at the side and find recalculate, then export the mesh again and on your fbx tab at the bottom left, under geometry tab, there will be a shader option, it will say normal, change it to face or edge.

If this does not work, make sure all of your faces are not overlapping at anypoint in the mesh, it causes problems in unreal from blender.

i’ll try those things and see if it works :slight_smile:

adding uv map, recalculating and exporting with face or edge seems to have done the trick :smiley: thanks!
i had to flip the faces individually in edit mode in order to fix the missing the disappearing faces though. it’s kind of annoying but worth it