Importing instances from Max (Unreal Engine or Unreal Studio?)

So I’ve been away from using UE4 for a while and I’m dipping my toes back into these waters. One problem I’ve had in the past was being able to import numerous instanced objects from 3DS Max and still have them be the same static mesh in UE4 (I don’t know if that was a shortcoming of the program or user error on my part).

I’m under the impression that datasmith is a new tool that helps with this sort of thing, so I have a couple questions to verify my assumptions:

  1. Can I import objects from 3ds Max that are instanced and have them treated as the same static mesh in UE4 alone?

  2. if not, can I use datasmith to achieve this?

  3. Can datasmith be used with either Unreal Engine OR Unreal Studio? Or is it strictly an Unreal Studio tool?

  4. If my intention is to make a game, is Unreal Studio suitable for that? Or is it meant only for Arch viz stuff?

Thank you for your time.

Unreal Studio is an offering that includes the regular Unreal Engine 4, as well as the Datasmith plugin. Unreal Studio is not a different piece of software.

To quickly import numerous objects from 3ds Max, you will most likely want to sign up for the free Unreal Studio Beta, and then try out the Datasmith plugin. The Datasmith import workflow can be useful for individuals across all industries, including those developing games. I suggest reading our documentation for more in-depth information: Using Datasmith with 3ds Max | Unreal Engine Documentation

If you end up selling a game, it will occur under the Unreal Engine End-User-License-Agreement, which is specifically targeted for games. But there is no issue with also agreeing to the Unreal Studio EULA when you register for the beta.