Importing image sequence as a sequence not individual files?


I’ve been experimenting with importing image sequences but haven’t found a very satisfactory workflow…
I have been able to bring in a sequence of png files, convert them to sprites and then make a paper flip book with them - this plays correctly and even preserves the alpha, so not too bad.
My real issue is that the files of the sequence had to all be imported as individual images, the software doesn’t seem to have any capacity to recognize them as a sequence the same way Maya, AE, Fusion (or just about any program) would? If the sequence needs any kind of manipulation within UE for all effective purposes this is impossible with hundreds of individual frames…

Is there a better way that I am missing? Is there a naming convention that allows UE to recognize the sequence?

Also a secondary question - it appears that the paper flipbook is completely oblivious to lighting within the UE scene?


A gentle bump… though am I correct to assume the simple answer here is simply that it isn’t possible?

I wish it were less unwieldy to bring in and blend green screen footage into a scene… it would open up so many possibilities