Importing houdini FX asset does not work perfectly.

Houdini 19.5 , UE 5.1
Hi, I am a senior Houdini artist and learning UE for 1 month.

I am trying to import houdini (FX) vertex animation assets to UE, according to sideFX tutorial, but it does not work perfectly. What I tried are :

1 - I downloaded sideFX’s example file and confirmed I can see that houdini and UE files are working properly in my PC’s env. This means sideFx plugin and lab tools are working in UE correctly.

2 - Now I made my new hip for vellum anim(softbody) and new UE files. A cape has seams and stretches. (sc_11.PNG)

3 - Then I go back to the beginning and decided to re-generate the examples.
So, I used the sidefx’s example hip file to generate fbx and VAT files, and tried to import them to the sidefx’s example UE file, . But it looks not same. (sc_06, 07, 08.PNG) .
Normal is not smooth and seams are not lining up perfectly.
I guess the vetex counts between textures and fbx mesh are same, but there are some precision setting issues.

4 - I spent 18hours for this issue. Now I made simple scene and made a zip file under my google drive. I hope someone would show me how to fix this problem.

Thank you so much.

tutorial videos I am following

my UE and houdini zip file which include a simple test. hip file is from sidefx, and UE file is I made from full scratch

I’m having the same issue, any help is appreciated