Importing Heightmap into UE4

I just designed a rough heightmap that I want to perfect inside UE4 Level designer.

I made a 100km by 100km terrain inside of World Machine, currently exporting at 8k by 8k resolution.

Not quite sure how to nicely import it into UE4, just press import? Do I need to also make a bitmap or is heightmap enough? heard something about textures, not really sure how it works.

Also will I need to do any resizing or does UE4 do it alone? I want to make a 2km by 2km at least to start off, I know populating it will be hard but it’s just for testing. I just can’t see an island being smaller than 2km by 2km, and the island is only a small part in the water.

I made a 4k by 4k and it seemed to load in correctly but I had huge problems with moving around, it moved at snail speed scrolling or moving with keys inside editor, is there a magic trick to controlling the speed?


I have had problems with huge terrains. You need a super computer to work with them. What I have found works out is 2017 x 2017 heightmaps. You can setup a tiled export from world machine with the amount of tiles needed to cover that size. 100km is huge lol. It is worth a shot though. Below are some things to keep in mind.

4 x 4 tiles exported at 2017 x 2017 each = 8km by 8km
For a 100km world you would need to use 50 x 50 tiles at 2017 x 2017 resolution.
Then use the world composition in UE4. I have created a a rough guide for my pipeline and have created a thread about it here:

Hope this helps.

  • Josh

Oh sorry I didn’t mention, I don’t want 100 * 100 km ofc!!! I was aiming for 10*10 originally, and thought I could reduce size by 10fold in order to get better resolution? Not quite sure… I will restart the map making process in 8 by 8 I guess.

For the test map I wanted a 4km by 4km map, not quite sure how to do this in world machine since it seems really rough in small worlds. Could I make it 40 by 40 and then reduce resolution 10fold somehow?

For a 4km map you can make a 2x2 tiled map with a resolution of 2017x2017. The map I have is 4x4 with 2017x2017 resolution and it is HUGE in UE4. Plus the Z scale plays a big part in the height of your terrain. If your max height in World Machine is greater than 512 from ground to peak then you will need to adjust the z scale when importing.

  • Josh


I tried to make a test map but it went horrible, it looks nice from far away but from up close it has sharp edges such as this one, how do I stop this from happening?

Is that at an edge between two tiles or is that in the tile somewhere? If it is at an edge did you blend between tiles? Blending would smooth it all out.

  • Josh

How do I blend? I think it’s just a random spot, they are everywhere… I guess it’s from the resizing, its 100km by 100km map put into 1km by 1km. I readjusted height though…

Do you have skype? I’ll pm you

All the landscape info you need is here, run through the different tools and try them out. You’ll find something you can use.

oh guys sory for old post, but I have same problem with sharp edges in landscape.

When I create a landscape and make hills with tools, i have that ugly sharp edges, not rounded…Why is so that?

iluminaty triangles


i got some tips and formulas

  1. dont make a map that wont go in to ue4 i mean when you make a 20KM map it will also be 20 KM in ue4 now in engine it is 8K you have not set up the scale i have a formula for that

  2. The sky box is a 20KM rane form the middle al the way around so 100 km wont work you sky box will be in thati sugets the max you can go is 25KM

okay there are to formulas for inporting use 4K as example
Pur every thing in meters

World machine size / build Reseltion * 100 = your XY scale you need to fill in when inporting

World machine Max hight * 0.1953125 = your z Scale Value

so for your tarrain you will get

100000 / 4033 * 100 = 2479.543 so that is your scale as you see it is nit the best reseltion make you world smaller
lets saly for this 5000 M hight

5000 * 0.1953125 = 976.5625 that is you z value