importing blender model with multiple UVs

Hi! i’m having trouble importing models with multiple textures into UE4.

when the model is imported, the textures aren’t imported with it, and instead the material it is applied with is the default brick texture.

i tried to apply the three textures to it manually, but i found out that only one element is present, which if i assign a texture to it, it textures the entire model.

i think it might be something with blender but who knows.

anyway, any help is appreciated. thanks!

Hi there,

Firstly, instead of trying to export materials from Blender to UE4, would you be opposed to creating them within UE4? This will probably provide far better results, and may be a bit easier too (at least in my experience).

Secondly, a few notes about materials and exporting from Blender: The number of elements present in the object in UE4 is determined by how many material slots it has when exported from Blender. The particular vertices which each material uses are retained when exporting from Blender to UE4. Also, you probably already are aware of this, but FBX is the best format to be using for exporting/ importing from Blender to UE4. If you need export settings for Blender to UE4, here are some that work well for 2.75: Blender to UE4 import question

So, make sure you have enough material slots in Blender and that they all are assigned to the correct vertices, and that should fix the problem with your number of elements in UE4!

Cheers and good luck,

Thanks, it works!