Importing Assets

Forgive me. I am completely new to UE4. I am trying to place foliage in the world, so I downloaded a vegetation pack. Placed it into UE. But when I select foliage and click on the object to be placed, the texture on the object vanishes. The trees I want to place now are comprised of small black and grey boxes instead of green foliage. Anyone know what’s going on?

It seems that there is no material applied.
How did you place the vegetation pack in UE4 ? Did you just copy, or migrate, or added it from the launcher ? (marketplace asset or some stuff from TurboSquid,etc)

Either the vegaetation pack came without materials (which I can hardly imagine), or you some connections are broken.
Check your vegetatin packs for the materialscontent and, if neccessary, reassign them to the meshes.
If a material also shows the gray default material, then a shader might be broken. Open the material to see whats going on there.

I opened up the folder and placed the vegetation pack folder directly into the folder.

And materials are also grey and black boxes. Not sure what I am doing wrong…

Yeah, i you just copy them into the folder, connection break.
Not only the materials assigned to the meshes, but also the texture nodes within the material graphs, etc… thats wh you might see the materials also not working properly.
Just drag them into the content browser to properly import them (and reconnect the nodes), or, if they are from another project, migrate them via the context menu.
If you migrate a mesh for example UE will automatically migrate all associated materials and textures with it.

Whenever I try to do that, it says ‘failed to import’

Ae you sure the assets are compatible with your engine version?

Version: 4.10.3-2866931+++depot+UE4-Releases+4.10

I see all the videos are showing the old UE4 Mannequin, and even though it says the kit is for use with “for the > 4.7 with many meshes and advanced materials”
I don’t think that includes version 4.10, which you state you are on.
You’ll probably have to start up a project around 4.7 or so, then migrate the assets to your project folder.

can someone help i downloaded a zip file and the files are 3d objects how can i place them into UE4 pls help