Importing arrays from php into engine for use

I am trying to achieve something.
my process is :

  1. Created a Database in localhost
  2. using php to retrieve specifc data from database and storing it in an array.

Now i want to import this array in UE4 and manipulate it in the blueprint using VaREST plugin.

Is there any way to achieve this.

any push to right direction is appreciated.


do you already have your database running ? ( i guess you allready know how to code in php too )

Anyway, best way to start is a test map and when you press a key, call the blueprint, then display the result.

The node from the api looks pretty clear, you give an url, some data and it tell you when call is done.

If you have trouble to setup something specific, come back then and tell us what problem you’ve hit !

i am learning to code in php as we are going along , know some basics though. i’ll try to implement what you’ve said and revert back to you as soon as i can. thank you though