Importing and using custom foliage meshes

Hello - I have been creating custom foliage assets in Blender 2.75, for use on a map that I am creating in the editor, version 4.8.3. I need to know how to properly import a mesh (for example, a grass cluster) and set it up for use in UE4. I have tried importing the .fbx file but the mesh and texture import as blank white: one, the mesh itself, colorless, and the other, texture sample ‘ball’, also colorless. The blade of grass that I used to make the cluster in Blender is apparently too large for the engine to handle: “Attempting to import 1,884 x 20,683 texture, proceed? Largest supported texture size: 8,192 x 8,192”. I know that what I’m after is possible, I just am not sure where to look for the answer. I’ve only been working with UE4 for a couple of months and still have much to learn.

I have searched in the community for an answer, but have so far come up empty. Any help is appreciated! Any EPIC devs in here? :slight_smile:

~ David

  1. make sure that your mesh is uv mapped in blender and that you use a texture with a resolution under 8k! + when you use static light, create a lightmap for the meshes
  2. now just export it as a fbx file + save the textures separately (in your uv editor you can save them)
  3. open the engine and import the meshes + textures
  4. now create a material and add the textures to it + use a foliage material setup so that you can get the best result
  5. after that assign the material to the mesh
  6. now everything should work :slight_smile:

Thank you for your prompt response! UE4 is an amazing piece of software, and I’ve only just begun to find out what it is capable of. You mention static light, and creating a lightmap for the meshes. Is this done in Blender, or in UE4?

lightmaps -> You will have to create it in a 3d program :slight_smile:
static light -> the mode from your lights in the ue4

Again, thank you for the help!