Importing a lot of materials with the same structure

I’m dealing with the loot drops when a monster dies, so I now have several folders with this structure:

  • FBX file.
  • Albedo texture PNG.
  • Normal texture PNG.
  • ORM texture PNG.

Each one of these is a possible item dropping.

The thing is that if I drag-drop, for example, 10 folders into the content browser, UE asks me how to import the FBX, I select the appropriate parameters once, and the 10 FBX get imported the same way with no issues.

The issue comes with the textures: I have to go 1 by 1 of the materials, open that material, putting the 3 texture files inside the material, and linking each thing (albedo - base color, normal - normal, ORM_R - AO, ORM_G - Roughness, ORM_B - Metallic).

So here the question:

Isn’t there a way to tell UE to build all the materials the same way? I mean: all the materials are created with “whatever_alb” automatically linked to the base color, “whatever_nrm” automatically linked to normal, “whatever_orm” with the 3 channels properly linked to what they should… Or do I have to open the 500 materials and create them 1 by 1 the same way?

Hi. Create one material as prototype. Open it plase your textures in it. Then left click on the textures, then create parameter for all the 3 textures, after that save it. Then left click on your material in the content browser create instance. Create 500 instance, open them one by one and place the textures. This is much faster but stil a lot of work.