importing a 3D model in an FBX format


I’m quitte new at creating 3D models, I’ve only made one model yet, but i faced some problems while exporting the model in FBX format, I do not know where in the export/import process this problem occurs, but after I imported my model in Unreal engine 4, the material got stripped from my model, and all the data dissapeared from the material (it became a checkerboard instead of the roughed-up greenish material I gave it), I used Blender to create the model with cycles render.

Does anyone know how to export/import a FBX model without losing the material?

The fbx format won’t carry that in without also carrying in the .mtl file (material file). I don’t know that blender generates .mtl’s so the next thing would be to export the bitmaps separately, import those jpgs/pngs into unreal, add them into a material blueprint, apply that material to your model.

i don’t know how to export bitmaps from blender as I usually use substance painter.

After researching for texture exports, it looks like you can generate a mtl file by exporting an obj (instead of fbx) How to properly export into .obj and .mtl file - Blender Stack Exchange
keep the fbx in unreal but re-export an obj and make sure you can get the mtl file.

glTF will let you actually import a model with a material into UE4