Imported UVs not matching those on mesh.


When I import my mesh, the UVs (channel 1 and 2 in 3ds max) both import just fine, but my mesh doesn’t use them. It’s like it just create its own UV even if it sees the other imported UVs.

  • In 3ds max, channels 1 and 2 are unwrapped correctly.
  • If I assign the checkered default texture while unwrapping, everything is fine.
  • In the Channel Info, my mesh only have 2 maps for the uvs.
  • I have assigned a material to my mesh.
  • In UE4, when I toggle the display of the static mesh’s UV, it’s all good. Just like 3ds max for both channels (0 and 1).

But still, my mesh have a distorted texture/uv in the viewport.

Any idea what could be wrong?

Edit: If you have 3ds max 2015, look down for the answer

can you post pictures of mesh and your uvs? distorted textures can be result of pixel density being greater in some areas and less in others or the padding isn’t enough

As said in this thread, you need to add an Edit Mesh modifier before exporting. It seems to fix the UV issues.

It is a problem with 3ds max 2015.

Oh,I have same question. and show you picture belw
same model fbx!Same UV:
first picture is in the toolbag3 render. texture all right
second picture model in the maya .teuture allright(even no smooth normal display )
last picture in the Unreal4 … Bad texture…