Imported Substance Designer material has only Red channel in the baseColor texture.


When I import a substance material (.sbar), my basecolor texture only has the red and alpha channels.

However, in the content browser, the texture appears as if all the channels are there.

I’m using Substance 5.5.1 and UE 4.15.1

Did you solve it?

Yes and No. I upgraded my Substance, then resaved with the new version and it fixed the problem. Maybe it was a bug that caused the problem, maybe my file got corrupted somewhere along the line.
I think I went from Substance Designer 5 to 6, but not sure.

ok, may be is that, i’m still on 5 althoug it is only doing it on unreal and whit ona material, others substance behave weel, o this same subtance worked fine on unity

what version of Unreal are you using?

UE 4.15 and subtance 6

UE 4.15 and subtance 6

I’m getting this with Designer 6 and UE4 4.15. Ugh,.

Hi all,

This is still a problem currently but there’s a simple workaround in Substance Designer.

Just convert your grayscale information to sRGB before feeding it into the base colour output and this will fix this issue.