Imported static mesh, problem with materials

Hi guys, I’m really new to all this and im not interested in coding but in the visuals.
The thing is I made a house in Sketchup and divided it in diferent elements for then adding materials separatly in UE4. when I ported them, the first problem was that every mesh said “Invalid lightmap settings” so I readjusted every single element light map resolution. Is there something so I don’t have to do this?

After that when I tried applying materials to each static mesh, the textures were in a much lower scale, but when i add them to a static mesh made with a brush, the texture looks fine, anyone knows whats happening?

Here is a screen cap.

You can see there that the mesh in the right looks fine while the mesh in the left (the one i Imported) doesn’t


Did you provide a second set of UV coordinates for the lightmaps and assigned the correct channel in the mesh prtoperties?
Your texture UV maps might be overlapping and lightmaps require a non-overlapping UV arragement.
Can you show a screenshot of your static mesh properties (including the extended properties)?
Also a view of the UV sets itself would be nice :slight_smile:


Have you made you uv mapped your model in your 3d program?

Yea, I just learned that by searching more in the forums, I didn’t set up any UV map, my bad.
So my question now is how to get the coordinates and everything right? Because im working on sketchup for the modeling :frowning:

If sketchup doesn’t support that. what other program can I export the sketchup .fbx to, so I can set everything ok and THEN port it to UE4?


Hmm, I dont know sketchup…
As a tool of last resort (if you dont have 3dsmax or any other program that doesnt support UV unwrapping), you could use the UE4 mesh editor function of generating uv sets. I came to learn that they are not optimal and very basic, but should suffice in most cases)


Good luck :smiley:


For lightmaps you want to have another set of UV’s. So in the static mesh editor in UE4 click window then generate unique UVs.
Then in the button right on the generate unique uvs tab you can either create new or layout using 0 channel.
once you’ve clicked apply you might want to check what they look like.
On the tool bar at the top click UV, then clik UV channel and change it to channel 1 and you can see what’s been done.

This only works on meshes that aren’t to complex so if its really detailed it will most likely send you a d3dx message. If you see that then open it in 3D Studio or what ever other modelling program you’re using (I’m not sure if sketchup can do it) set up another UV channel with it all unwrapped with no polys overlapping each other.

Sketchup does not seem to support UV maps out of the box.
I have checked and it seems you would need this for sketchup to be able to handle UV mapping.



Hi! Thanks for helping me out. I tried generating uv maps in ue4 but a pop up comes up saying “GenerateUVs Failed, D3DXUVAtlasPartition Failed.” no idea what it means. I will take a look into that sketchup extension and see whate comes up.

yup, the meshes aren’t too complex, or at least thats what I thought, but it gives me the d3dx message anyways so I will see on making the UVs in another program, any tip on that? does the program make it automatically or is it a manual process?

I use 3D Studio to Uv map my models. The student version is free but its a bit of a hefty download.
https:///watch?v=nPrnp_kLOvYThis pretty much tells you how to UV map in 3DS.

And that shows you how to uv map the second channel for the light map.

good luck!

Thanks for answering! (:
Ok, it looks like now I actually have an UVmap, but when I add a material to it, it appears way to big for the scale.




The textures of materials span accross the entire UV space once (by default).
Try incresasing the tiling with a TextureCoordinates material node…


Which would require one to be enrolled as a student. As far as I remember, you have theo show them the paperwork to be eligible for this licence…
So if you are not a student, unfortunately you pay through the nose…


No you don’t have to be enrolled or have to show them any paper work. It’s a free 3 year licence for the purpose of learning the program.
I didn’t have to provide any proof that I was a student. neither did I have to contact them and show them paper work.


Wow. :eek:
I just faintly remember once having tried to download the student edition but student pass was required.
But that was like 10 to 15 years ago… :rolleyes:


It is definitely worth downloading to learn, though if you are planning on selling models or using the models in something you make money from then you will have to buy the program.

It’s not just 3D Studio as well, they have student licences for all the Autodesk programs. Mudbox is a good one to learn if you’re in to visuals!

:stuck_out_tongue: Or just use blender. Then you dont have to worry about the licence

:stuck_out_tongue: I tried blender once before but the ui put me off quite a bit. I actually use Cinema 4D for all my modelling and uv mapping, I mostly use 3ds for rigging and animation because its compatible with most if not all engines. To be fair though Cinema 4D does export fbx but 3ds seems to be more compatible with ue4, plus it has physx which is awesome!

:slight_smile: Yep, that’s true. It was the same when I started with blender.


The same here. When I opened 3dsmax for teh first time, i could make an object and move faces and vertices after 3 minutes…
With blender I could get nothing done at all without reading first. The UI is a masterpiece of counterintuitivety…

I prefer , because and its good…
Come on, they made Toy Story with it :cool: