Imported Object Flickers


So i created an object with blender and imported it, but suddenly there’s a problem with it.
(see image, it flickers like another object is in the same position, but it’s not)

I can’t remember that i had the problem when i first imported it…but after some other problem and the texture streaming pool size increase i had this.

Would be great if someone could help me :slight_smile:

Good day,
Your problem looks like a typical z-fighting issue. It is likely to be caused by your model having duplicate faces that are lying in the same or nearly same plane,not welded vertices or other kinds of geometry issues.

I found out that this only occurs when i change the follwing project settings:
Early Z-Pass from “Decide automatically” to “opaque and masked meshes
Movables in early Z-Pass: setting a checkmark

I changed these settings for using deferred decals.

But yeah…I think you’re right and it’s an error in the object, guess I have to take a look at it again in blender.

Thanks for your answer.