imported models improperly textured - help needed

I’m having a problem with models I created in Maya. after importing to UE texture is slightly shifted. it doesnt seem to be a uniform offset throughout the whole model though, so simple translation as a workaround won’t do it. I checked the models in Houdini and Max, tiled UVs as in Maya - works perfectly.
I tested most, if not all FBX export and import parameters. tried OBJ formats as well. tried automatically created material as well as ones built from scratch. tried everything I can think of… always the same inaccurate result.

I got to say, I’m new to UE and prepared for an embarrassingly simple solution but I also treat forums in general as a last resort and wouldn’t ask if I really wasn’t stuck, so any help is going to be greatly appreciated. any hint, not necessarily a comprehensive guidance.

thank you for your time