Imported meshes slow

Hi everyone, i’m a bit new so maybe this is a dumb question but trust me i google like crazy and couldn’t find an answer. I am using UE5 to make a visualization of my house. I imported lots of models off turbosquid in obj and fbx format. they all worked, but some had issues like screwed up collosion meshes i had to disable. It all looks beautiful, but the more stuff i add, the worse the performance. and im not talking about anything silly - like less than 200 meshes in the whole scene. but in certain areas of the map fps goes down to like 2 or 3fps even with lumen turned off. and thats crazy considering i have a gaming laptop with a 1050Ti gpu. The strangest thing is there is one area of the bathroom that slows right down. i get 40fps and as soon as i point to that specific place in the bathroom if goes to 4fps. BUT… if i turn off all the objects in that area one by one nothing makes a difference. Any of you experts have any clue what might be happening in my scene and what mistake i made? I strongly suspect that one of the models is the culprit but i dont know how, and how to determine which model it is. any help appreciated

If you’re getting stuff from turbo squid, it’s almost certainly too high poly. A wall, for instance, should be say, 2-10 polys, I’ll bet some of this stuff is in the high 1000’s.

Try looking at your scene in wireframe, and find the culprit:

yup it either too high poly or high res texture, happen to me when i deputed when i just imported random model on my first project years back, a single tree caused drop of fps by 50.
Also from the feedback on ue5, ue5 consume more resources than ue4 if you used these new rendering method like lumen etc…

that’s great info guys thanks a lot. how would you recommend fixing the problem? is there a way to reduce the poly count of objects inside ue5 without needing to reimport the meshes? I would hate to have to reposition and arrange everything again. I know you can merge actors, but it’s unclear to me if that does anything to simplify the meshes or not

Just on a weird note, it seems that the fps slows down even if the high poly objects are not actually visible to the camera! I played around based on your comments, and if for example i point the camera at a wall, and that’s all it sees… but BEHIND the wall there is a high poly object, for some strange reason performance slows down. sort of like it’s computing info for the high poly object anyway even though it is behind the wall. strange

if you haven’t moved you model file since you imported you can edit it in any software of your choice then in ue you can right click the asset and click reimport

if you have the original model file and if it has subdivision modifier from using blender, then yup you can reduce it polys count, the other option would be to use Decimate Geometry in blender but you might run into major glitch. and like blockout22 pointed out you can reimport the model it will keep the same setting.

for the behind the wall, am guessing, since the engine dont know if it partially transparent or not, it will render whatever is behind it. so to solve the high poly again, you need to use LOD and it will load a lower poly model depending on the distance it is btw the cam.

fyi i figured out at least what the problem was, and surprisingly it wasn’t high poly imports. it was from the new modelling features. for some of the walls, i used subtractive geometry to punch holes in the objects. it seems that the geometry created by the ue5 editor was 20 times more complex than needed and there were overlapping triangles that were causing problems. simplifying the wall geometry removed the issue. so it seems the editor tools are still a bit buggy maybe