Imported mesh has invisible polys?

I have extruded planes from a character model to simulate eyelashes, (like hair cards) but they wont show up in engine for some reason. With the exception of these planes the mesh consists of regular closed geometry, I tried flipping the normals already.

I used properly named and referenced morph targets to allow the user to control the length of the planes at run time. I don’t know if this is because of my geometry, or if morph targets do not work with planes or something weird. I am assuming it has something to do with vertex/edge normals on the poles three intersecting planes.

Because I’m going to have to use two different materials on one mesh(with and with out translucency/two-sided) stacking draw calls just to render eyelashes, I’m assuming what I’m doing is fundamentally wrong but if any one has any advice. Or can point me in the write direction it would be much appreciated.

I intended to render the hair on another mesh in the “head” bone socket, perhaps I will have to do something similar with eyelashes, I’m just imagining some kind of error where the head and eyes movement do not line up but I suppose it works for everything else, weapons etc.