Imported FBX animation with lip sync in Unreal not matching 3rd party Playblasts.

Hi Everybody,

I have an issue with animation with lip sync not lining up. Basically I am importing my animation from Maya into Unreal. Then I have tried taking off the compression and rendering it out via Matinee and Sequence. The issue is when viewing the animation in After Effects alongside the original play blast from Maya its not lining up. Its basically fluctuating a few frames ahead and before the original animation from the play blast. Its almost like its struggling on the faster movements.

I have tried exporting the FBX as 2014 & 2016, I have turned off the physics shader. I have exported the animation as 30fps and 25 then matched it with matinee and sequencer.

My animation knowledge is limited and could really do with some help.

Thanks Guys.