Imported Animation from FBX has wrong scale


My brother (animator) and I (engine coder) are working on a game demo for his thesis, and we’ve run into a problem with importing a character model exported from 3ds MAX Design 2013. Initially, we found that the mesh’s scale was all wrong when imported (too small). My brother somehow fixed this, and the mesh is now of the correct size, and he worked on the animations using that same mesh. Importing the mesh produces a scale more in line with the UE4 Man’s proportions.

We thought this was all over, but after he had completed some animations, we tried to import this and check if they work - and found that while the mesh is of the correct size, the animations make the mesh smaller. We can’t seem to figure out how to fix this. Any ideas?

Scratch this, we found the solution. Sorry for the trouble!


What was your solution? This was checked as an answer, but there is no answer…

What was the solution? If you’re not gonna say then just delete this post so that others don’t find this useless thing.

Most likely, when importing the animations into UE4, they just set the uniform scale to a correct value. Just like with Blender, which by default, should be 100.