Import two skeleton mesh format but can't detect?

I am not sure if it bug or not. fbx import skeleton mesh with the animation set but import another same just the skeleton mesh without the animation set they have same bone setup but can’t seem to detect it the same animations. I wonder if this is a bug?

Just saying for example human male mesh with animation import to unreal editor. Then import the clothing with the skeleton that mesh the human but did not detect the animation sets. Is there way to get it working or you import the whole animation from clothing? But it would increase the file size a bit.

Using the blender export fbx.

Is there way to make it work without import all the animation sets with one bone structure set?

Just go into the skeletal mesh which has all the anims → then select one of the anims → right click → copy to another skeletal mesh (I dont know the exact name) → now you should be abel to use the animations with your other mesh.

That work but I wanted to share rather copy it. It feel it get too big and redo all the animation sets in the blend blueprint.