Import/Transformation widget

I try to import props from DAZ3d using a FBX file, but when that is done the “Transformation widget” is never where i want it. So when i want to rotate the object it is totally off - where do i adjust the “rotation” position? (and in general, how do I learn to control/understand the import options a bit better…? )

it sounds like you have a origin point issue. basically if the orgin of the mesh is not in a good position (ie near the mesh) or is off center thats usually due to it being exported from the modeling program that way. i know theres ways to temporarily change the origin in ue4 (search for things like move pivot) but i dont use them so i cant tell you for sure there. personally i would take the mesh into a modeling program like blender or maya and adjust it. this is all of course if i understand the problem correctly.

Thanks, - sorry for the late reply. I found that you can cahange the X/Y/Z values (transform values, I think!) when importing, and that will ajust the widget. However I guess that you can also ajust the prop (or what you call this) when you export… that would, perhaps, then make it “useless” in the export tool?

I guess the corret piviot point would depend on what you intend to do with this - a larger prop may not need this to be spot on, where as the door I wanted to import had to have this at the excat position. (i will add the details a bit later)