Import texture to look the same as the source

Hi all,

I’ve got a UI texture that I would like to use for a loading screen. I would like it so that my texture uasset looks the same as my source file (PNG / BMP / TGA / whatever).

I can’t seem to find the correct combination of settings to do this.

The default settings seem to up the gamma and add compression artefacts and banding. For example, there are some quite dark parts of the image that get blown out, and because of the compression that already exists on the texture, the artefacts become more pronounced.

Toggling sRGB can make it better or worse depending on the compression settings preset I choose.

Setting the RGB curve can help but it still looks different. I just want each pixel to look the same as the source, no compression, no post processing, no changes.

Is this possible?

Double Click your Image. Under the Level of Detail Tab within Mip Gen Settings, Set it to NoMipMaps.
That should do the job.

Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately that hasn’t worked for me. Here’s a before and after picture:


Cannot say with 100% certainity but try changing in Compression Settings → Lossy Compression Settings to No Lossy Compression and uncheck the sRGB in Texture.