Import T3D / .COPY files

If we right click on a Blueprint, under Assets, there’s an Export option.

This creates a .COPY file, that seems to be a T3D file.

Now how to import this files back? I can not find any way to do this.

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Hi Marcos,

This is a known issue that is in our system as UE-1960. I am going to update the report to reflect that additional developers are experiencing this error. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

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Hi Marcos,

I took a look through our other JIRAs and asked some of our developers about it, and it seems that both .COPY and .T3D are legacy UE3 options. We don’t have a specific plan to remove them, yet, but the expectation is that Blueprints shouldn’t be able to be exported.

There are a couple of other options for moving Blueprints that may help, however. First, the Migrate feature will allow you to simply move the Blueprint and any relevant assets from one project to another. If you don’t have access to both projects on the same machine, you could instead copy the graphs in a Blueprint and paste it into a text document. This becomes a little more complex once you involve multiple functions, as the Blueprint and each function needs to be created in the receiving project before you can copy the graphs over, but it’s an option.

Additionally, .uassets can be moved to and opened in a separate project directly as long as all references are moved with it (with the same file structure). This is basically what the Migrate feature does.

Hope that helps! Right now, there’s no easy way to use T3D files in the manner you suggested.

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So this is a bug? I thought it was just a feature that didn’t exist.

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I see.

Any plans to actually add functionality to allow people to use the T3D format?

Well actually we liked the idea of being able to work with the T3D files, as they are really nice to understand what’s going on and maybe mass change blueprint properties.

Also this is related with another question we added

And on the T3D file we can clearly see the trashclass being referenced. So it’s nice to track, and maybe fix, issues like this.

I can see the complications of importing from a T3D file, but it would be a cool feature to have :slight_smile:

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The editor should export files such as blueprints that are specific to UE4 as .uasset files.