Import static meshes and vfx made by Epic to a new project

Do a right click onto the asset/folder that you want - press migrate - choose a directory - ok

e.g ?v=aMRAXC6mIfk


I am just new in using UE4 and I am wondering if and how can I import static meshes and vfx made by Epic (e.g. the rocks and water from “Cave Effects” etc from the free examples on the marketplace) into a new project.

When I click on import and then search for the files in UE4 folders, I am not able to find anything.

I would experiment some level design but, unfortunately I am not a 3d and vfx artist and atm Epic’s models are the only one I can use.


There’s some functionality set up in the editor for this situation.

Migrating Assets. Here it will tell you exactly how to do that! =)

Thanks to both, you totally solved my issue ^^