Import of Rhino 3ds file - cannot find static mesh for static mesh actor on mesh

Hi I recently installed Datasmith plugin to UE 4.21.2 to import Rhino 4 3ds models into UE4.

I get error

Cannot find static mesh for static mesh actor on mesh

I also installed in 4.19.2 which works without error. Is there a fix so I can get this working in 4.21.2 ?

In both cases the plugin is installed, the projects are converted to studio projects. 4.19.2 works, same 3ds file in 4.21.2 does not.

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for fast reply will try this.

Hi GemmaSky.

We are no longer actively developing for the 4.21 release, so we are unlikely to submit any new fixes to it.

We are however working on 4.22, which will soon be released. 4.22 is currently available for testing as a Preview, and I would encourage you to try your file on the 4.22 Preview to see if the issue still occurs. (On the Launcher, add a new Engine slot, and choose 4.22 Preview from the list of engine versions. The Datasmith plugin also has a 4.22 Preview version to go with it).

If the issue is resolved already on 4.22, great! If not, then you can submit a bug report at the link: