import model to unreal

when i try to import some model like fbx file to unreal engine

i download free model and import it , but all i got is a white model

there is no texture , material in it , is this normal ? (not even in download file )

p.s i have no experience in 3d model software such 3ds or maya

but i see a lot of people can simply drag the model and it’s just fine

and also a lot of model size is way too big or too small

can i just resize it by tool in unreal engine ?
thanks you

When importing the fbx model be sure that import materials is checked. If the model was exported from a 3d software with materials applied then it will come through. If the model is simply white and not the default world grid material which is the grey checker pattern then that is the texture, or at least what the artist who made it applied to the model. You can also set the scale at import in the options if you wish or use the scale tool.

yes import material is check
but still only color left (no material)
or only white left

Can you post pictures and tell us what program you are using? Blender or Maya or other

i download it on internet fbx model

No Problem Dear,
Import Textures Separately
Just Keep in Mind that Objects Having Different Texture-Material are Different
For Animated Character Make Single Texture File Make Material_inst Apply it.

This is not Major issue
If it Comes with Simple White Or greyish Colour That Means It comes with Single Default Material Like Lambart1 In maya.