Import Materials Sketchup>Blender> UE4

Hi all!

I have just started to learn the basics of this from scratch so please advise and help! I am trying to import my sketchup model into Blender and finally into UE4 and I am having difficulties with materials.

In my SU model, I applied two materials onto different walls and exported the file into a .dae file for Blender. (refer to sketchup picture)

In Blender, 5 texture maps were automatically created in the ‘UV maps’ drop down folder (I assume that each wall is one texturemap, but in SU, I have 12 walls with textures?.) The tutorial video that I watched recommended only leaving 1 texture map and creating 1 new ‘LightMap’. So I figured I should erase the rest (refer to blender picture) and leave 1 single ‘TextureMap’?

After exporting my .fbx file into UE4, only one material shows up on one single wall. The single material (even though on other walls) do not show up on other walls either. (refer to sketchup picture)

Am I missing anything in my import settings,is my scale of materials not right?

Taken reference:

Please help!
Thank you!