Import Gradient Material

Hi, I modeled an obj in the blender, and made a gradient material.

But when I export it to .obj or .fbx and import it in unreal, it comes in just one color, without the gradient effect.

How can I do like blender?

By making a black and white gradient texture and using a lerp

Assuming the object js correctly UVd, there is no need for a texture, you can use the UV to get a gradient alpha going.

uv coord node, mask either R for vertical or G for horizontal.

how do i make it gradiant with the color i want?

You have lots of options, if you just want a color that fades to black then you can simply multiply the gradient against the color you want.

If you want to choose two colors to blend together then you can use the gradient as an alpha input for a linear interpolate node, with your colors plugged into A and B respectively