Import Genesis 8

I would like to know if it is possible to export Genesis 8 FBX without distortion in Unreal?

I add that I am on mac.

The distortion around the shoulders is just skinning, check this out:

Dual Quaternion support is something that helps with joints to maintain volume, I thought it was included in UE4 a while back but it seems they stopped supporting it, but it looks like there’s a tool available you can read about in that thread that others have created to add support back in.

To get similar results in UE compared to Daz, it’s also necessary to export the joint JCMs (joint control morphs) and apply them in UE.
JCMs are used to adjust the shape of the mesh according to the joint’s position. Some of them (particularly around the shoulders) can be challenging to implement in UE. There is quite a bit of detailed info out there on this if you google for “UE Daz JCMs”

Thanks so much for the replies.
To tell the truth I still don’t know how to proceed with exporting Genesis 8 animations in Unreal. I wouldn’t want to give up on the world’s best resources for 3D characters.
Yours sincerely