Import FBX with material as material instances?

Hey Guys,

I’ve worked with Unity for a looong time and switched to Unreal Engine for Game Development.
Now I want to port a lot of Assets to Unreal Engine and have a problem :S

When importing FBX to Unreal, it gives me the option to import the Model using the Material-Import Method: “Create New Instanced Materials” and select my base material i prepared beforehand.
Importer Screenshot:


Unfortunately when I hit Import, the materials gets imported as “Material” not as “Material Instance”.
After importing all my assets, I have a sh*t-ton of Materials I’d have to either edit one after another (which is very time consuming) or to create Material Instances, replace all Material References with Material Instance references and reassign all textures… which is also reeeeally time consuming…

Is there a way to import a FBX File and let the importer create Material Instances using one specific Material as “Master”?

I’m using Unreal Engine 4.23 (built from Source).

thank you in advance!

Upgrade to 4.25 and see, if it works for you, because i just had run a test import with 2 different fbx, and both created material instances from the main material, i had chosen in that window you showed here.

And while you are on it, make sure, that you go into/expand the “mesh” category and check, that it is set to “imorting normals”, and not generating it (compute normals). had it with Cinema 4D, where new normals were generated/computed, which led to a big mess, as in, no smoothing was applied anywhere, only hard edges all over the objects :slight_smile:

Hello @Cellenseres I just had the issue myself. The trick was to update that property :

While being sure that you have a “Param Tex Object” inside your base material so it can reconnect the albedo where you want.

Hope this helps.

What property are you talking about? Can you be more specific?

I have this problem too. Using unreal 4.26

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