Import fbx(blender to ue4) correctly, material problem

Hi thanks for your help

I have problem with my meshes , just look :

In blender i create cube, i export this in fbx with good scale and 1 material (white) diffuse color.
In Unreal Engine 4 i import this fbx and check this cases :

  • Combine Meshes, Remove Degenerates, Import Materials, One Convex Hull Per UCX, Import Mesh LODs and “Normals : Calculate Normals”

Now i will apply 1 material on and …


[ Render |
Material in blender |
Export in blender |
Import in unreal engine 4 ]

How fixe this ?

Thanks !

Change Calculate Normals to Import Normals in import dialog box and see if it helps.

You have to unwrap/uv map your mesh before you import it into the UE4

  • or just select the mesh - go into the edit mode - select everything - press U - unwrap

Had the same Problem. After unwrapping in Blender it worked fine. Thanks!