Import/Export Particle System


I´ve got a small question about that particle system.
I´ve got a test map where I test things I would like to have in my game at the end.
In this test map I created a particle system with some nice effects but I can´t import this particle system into my game project.

There is a export function but it only exports a textfile. When I copy this uasset file with the windows explorer the particle system didn´t work anymore, cause of missing materials and the values seem to be broken too.

So my question is, is there a easy way to copy a particle system form one project to another ??
It would be very hard to create paticle systems over and over again.

Kind regards

Normally you just have to do a right click onto it - Asset Actions - migrate - choose the new project folder :slight_smile:

Thx a lot , I will try it.

Just for understanding:

Do I understand it right ?
I´m at the source project content browser and do a right click on the particle system.
Then I choose asset actions and migrate to my target project ??

If so will the whole particle system with materials be copied into this folder or will I just add a link to the source datas ?
I ask because if I delete my test project the whole particle system will be lost too if I just got a link of it.

It will copy all assets, that are connected with the particle system to the new project :slight_smile:

Thy a lot , I will try this when I´m back home.

Thx a lot it worked, you made my day :slight_smile:

Hello, for the explorer method, you may use on occasions.

I have had the issue and after some time testing with trial and error i figured out how to do it and what makes things mess up.

You need to make sure when using the ‘explorer’ method, (which is copying within windows explorer from content to content), that the address line for the assets are the same as the target location.

So for example, if i was wanting to copy assets from Project A to Project B, lets say in this case it was a particle system. I would need the particle system and all the assets it uses, such as materials etc, all within one folder. Then i would need this folder to be in the root of our ‘Content’ in Project A. Now keep in mind Project A is the source. The reason we are moving the folder of assets to the root of ‘Content’ is to ensure the address line is correct for the assets. So if particle system was trying to reference a material, it would have no trouble finding it.

So once we have our folder in place and ready to copy. that is just what we do. Copy the folder and files it contains to Project B. Now we need to make sure to copy the folder and files it contains to the root of Project B’s ‘Content’ folder. This is very important. By doing this the files will have the same address line as the source project. So now once you open Project B you should have working copied assets. You can now move the assets within the editor and organise as you please. Make sure you save everything.

Now what we have done.
We have taken the ‘folder’, which was here;
/Project A/Game/Content/folder

and we have moved ‘folder’, here;
/Project B/Game/Content/
so now we have the address line as /Project B/Game/Content/folder

What is important here is that we have maintained address lines for assets to reference. As we have copied through explorer, it would not act the same as migration, which fixes this for us.

If the source address is /Content/Particles/folder
and you copy to /Content/stuff/
the assets wont work

So make sure the target has the same order in sub folder.

Hope this helps, sorry for the long message, but its worth it. If i do not make sense, please help refine the solution.

Omar Farooqui.

Thx a lot omar for this helpfull answer :slight_smile:

no problem mate c: its all the better for us