Import characters & props from Daz3D: Polygon count? Shaders?

We’d like to make use of our Daz3D models library in UE4. During the import of a plain character (process available in link below), it takes about 3min on a GTX 980m + quad core i7. There’s about 1500 shaders to process; this takes about 3-4 minutes of “processing shaders” on this computer.

This seems a lot since the game is nothing more than a small scale indie project to discover UE4 (coming from a Three.js based stack).

Is there a “guide” or tutorial about polygon count handling in UE4? Should polygons be reduced in the 3rd party software (be it Daz3D, Blender, Maya,…) before import, or should it be left to UE4 to handle?

Moreover, the same processing of shaders was attempted on an i7 with its integrate iris 540 gpu (“top of the line” skylake gpu… nothing close to a dedicated one of course). It’s taken 20+ minutes. Processing shaders is all about GPU, right?

Import process:

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