Import a static mesh with multiple materials

generally speaking you do have to go through and build the materials since the shader system in every program is a bit different. There may be plugins to allow for specific programs to transfer materials in ue4. for example the datasmith plugin supports a few programs.

you might be able to import to substance painter and then auto build materials in ue4, but i’m not sure.

My apologies for asking a possible duplicate but I couldn’t find the answer elsewhere. I am trying to import an FBX with multiple materials. I have noticed the different options to import recursively below parent. This is where my Textures folder is. I then selected “Create Materials”. When I import my model, the proper materials are created but no textures are applied.

How can I import my model with its multiple materials and multiple textures (normal, spec, diff, etc.) applied? Otherwise I will have to go through my model’s 12 Materials and assign EVERY texture.

Thanks. That’s what I was afraid of.